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4 Tips For Finding A Great Deal On A Used Semi

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Vehicles aren't cheap, and big rigs are no exception, especially if you buy them new. Thankfully, just as the used car market provides buyers with a much better value, so, too, is the case with semi-trucks. Here are four tips for finding the best value for a used freightliner truck.

Ask Industry Insiders For Leads

Whether you are an owner-operator looking for a new truck or simply a business owner looking to add another truck to his fleet, checking around with other drivers and companies is worth your time. Truck drivers and fleet owners often have a pipeline of available equipment, whether it be from private sellers or dealerships.

Ask Why They Are Selling

When you find a semi-truck you're interested in, finding out why they are selling should be your first question. Many times, it is simply the rig has reached the warranty miles. Many larger companies purchase new semi-trucks and routinely trade them in after two or three years. And good thing they do, because the savings get passed onto you. For example, buying used freightliner trucks for sale will be a far more cost-effective option than purchasing new ones when you are trying to build your company.

Check The Tires

You're going to want to do more than just kick the tires. With 18 wheels, the rims and tires comprise a substantial part of a semi truck's value. While you can't expect a used semi-truck to be sold with brand-new tires, you do want to make certain they are in at least good enough shape to pass Department of Transportation inspections. The goal is to get the semi-truck on the road and making money, and if the tires are bad, you can't do that.

Examine The Maintenance Records

A professional semi-truck driver understands the resale value of keeping detailed, accurate maintenance records. You want a truck that has been well-cared for and on a routine maintenance schedule. This should be no problem if the person or dealership you are buying it from was the original owner; the warranty program on new semi-trucks requires strict adherence to their manufacturer's recommended maintenance program.

If you are buying from a private party who doesn't have maintenance records, insist on having a through checkup before any money changes hands. Too much can go wrong, even if the semi-truck isn't that old. A legitimate dealership is going to have their mechanics look over every rig before they put it on the lot, so there's no worry there.


18 February 2019