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Transmission Care And Maintenance Guidelines For Car Owners

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Transmission problems with a vehicle can have devastating consequences for the quality and performance of the vehicle. While it may not be possible for a car owner to become informed about all the different components of their vehicle, the transmission is important enough to make this effort worth it. Here are some important things to understand about your transmission.

Does Every Vehicle Benefit From Having Its Transmission Fluid Flushed?

It is common for older vehicles to need to have their transmission flushed. This can remove residues and other substances that may be in the transmission. However, this procedure is not typically required for newer cars, and it can actually degrade the transmission. Before deciding to have a vehicle's transmission flushed, you should review the owner's manual for the vehicle to determine whether flushing is recommended for the transmission.

How Can You Identify Whether Transmission Fluid Is Leaking Out Of The Vehicle?

When the fluid in the transmission starts to run low, it can expose the transmission to a much higher risk of suffering malfunctions due to friction and heat. People often assume that a transmission fluid leak will always cause this fluid to rapidly drain out of the vehicle, but it can be possible for these leaks to cause the fluid to drain over a period of days or weeks. Noticing a pink fluid under where the vehicle has been parked can be a major indication of this problem being present. Furthermore, some vehicles have a warning light for when this fluid starts to get low. This is not included in every vehicle, and you may still want to periodically check the transmission fluid levels.

Will The Way You Drive Impact The Transmission Condition?

Individuals will often fail to realize that the way that they drive their vehicle can have a major impact on the wear that the transmission sustains. In particular, rapid acceleration can be extremely stressful on the transmission, and drivers should avoid this in preference for gradual acceleration. Furthermore, individuals should attempt to drive at a fairly consistent speed, as this will reduce the need for gear changes. Some individuals may attempt to change the gears of the automatic transmission while the vehicle is in operation, and this can cause major damage to the vehicle.

Transmission care and maintenance can help to prevent many of the most expensive and disruptive malfunctions your vehicle can suffer. When a vehicle owner is adequately informed and prepared to address these mechanical problems, they will be able to reduce the lifetime repair costs for their vehicle and the disruptive malfunctions that they may encounter.

If you have concerns about your car's transmission, contact a local transmission shop to get it checked out. 


22 February 2019