Dealing With A Breakdown On The Highway


If you have a car that breaks down on the road, there are some things you can do to stay safe and get the car off the road. While no one wants to break down with their vehicle, if you are prepared to deal with whatever comes up, that will make the situation a little easier.  Get Your Car off the Road If the car is still running and you can get it off the road or to an exit, it is a good idea to do so.

13 December 2019

The 3 Basic Maintenance Tasks You Need To Stay On Top Off

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As a car owner, there are crucial basic maintenance tasks you need to make sure you attend to. Taking care of these three basic maintenance tasks will help keep your vehicle running smoothly and can prevent other major issues from developing with your car. #1 Oil Checks & Changes One of the most vital maintenance tasks for any car is the simple oil change. From a basic model to a luxury car, the oil change is essential for the health of any car that runs on gas.

8 March 2019

A Guide To Getting Quality Truck Service

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When your truck is your way of earning a living or getting around, it's crucial that you put the work into repairing and maintaining it. Since trucks are built tough and have so many moving parts, you'll need the assistance of a repair shop that can help you out. With this in mind, do your due diligence by following these strategies and reaching out to repair pros that can give you assistance.

5 March 2019

Going RV'ing? What You Need To Know About Roadside Assistance Plans

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More and more people are making the leap into full-time, or even part-time, RV living. If you have been bitten by the travel bug and invested in an RV, there are a few key details you should consider before you and your family hit the road. One of the most important things is roadside assistance coverage. You may not have worried about this with your car because you don't travel far, and your insurance offers some services, but the risk of breakdown is greater when you travel across the country in an RV, making a roadside assistance plan a valuable investment.

1 March 2019

Transmission Care And Maintenance Guidelines For Car Owners

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Transmission problems with a vehicle can have devastating consequences for the quality and performance of the vehicle. While it may not be possible for a car owner to become informed about all the different components of their vehicle, the transmission is important enough to make this effort worth it. Here are some important things to understand about your transmission. Does Every Vehicle Benefit From Having Its Transmission Fluid Flushed? It is common for older vehicles to need to have their transmission flushed.

22 February 2019

3 Reasons to Have Your Car's Brakes Professionally Replaced

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Don't try replacing your car's brakes yourself just to save some money. There are plenty of good reasons to have a professional do the work for you. Here are just a few that are of importance: Create an Official Maintenance Record One great reason to have a professional replace your brakes is to create an official maintenance record for your vehicle. The record can come in handy if you decide to sell the vehicle at some point in the future, as buyers will have peace of mind in knowing that the car has been well maintained.

21 February 2019

About To Go On A First Date? Make A Great Impression With A Full Car Wash


If you have been planning a first date and want to do everything that you can to get ready, you should consider going in for a car wash to make sure your vehicle looks amazing. While you could wash it on your own, you will benefit from the attention to detail that professionals provide. Although a basic car wash may make your vehicle look pretty clean, you should consider going above and beyond to guarantee that you show up on your first date with a spotless car.

20 February 2019

Make Sure You Buy The Right Battery For Your Car


When your car battery doesn't work, your car simply won't start. The worst time for this to happen is when you are out on the road, so it's important to pay attention to when your battery is going bad so you can purchase a replacement. It's also important to know what to look for in a car battery. Know the Cranking Amps One of the features to consider is the cranking amps.

19 February 2019

4 Tips For Finding A Great Deal On A Used Semi

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Vehicles aren't cheap, and big rigs are no exception, especially if you buy them new. Thankfully, just as the used car market provides buyers with a much better value, so, too, is the case with semi-trucks. Here are four tips for finding the best value for a used freightliner truck. Ask Industry Insiders For Leads Whether you are an owner-operator looking for a new truck or simply a business owner looking to add another truck to his fleet, checking around with other drivers and companies is worth your time.

18 February 2019