Make Sure You Buy The Right Battery For Your Car


When your car battery doesn't work, your car simply won't start. The worst time for this to happen is when you are out on the road, so it's important to pay attention to when your battery is going bad so you can purchase a replacement. It's also important to know what to look for in a car battery. Know the Cranking Amps One of the features to consider is the cranking amps.

19 February 2019

4 Tips For Finding A Great Deal On A Used Semi

Automotive Blog

Vehicles aren't cheap, and big rigs are no exception, especially if you buy them new. Thankfully, just as the used car market provides buyers with a much better value, so, too, is the case with semi-trucks. Here are four tips for finding the best value for a used freightliner truck. Ask Industry Insiders For Leads Whether you are an owner-operator looking for a new truck or simply a business owner looking to add another truck to his fleet, checking around with other drivers and companies is worth your time.

18 February 2019